Road to Transformation The Art Exhibition of Zhi Peng Wu

The respect for multiculturalism and the protection of cultural diversity aret he social consensus of Australia. Therefore, from the current culture status of his country of residence, Wu Zhi Peng’s basic understanding of cultural globalisation following economic globalisation is one which embodies by ‘the long term co existence of diversity and resistance’. It is from this sort of survival experience that his recent works place individuals in a world wide state of “cultural anxiety” brought about by huge cultural integrations as well as cultural conflict. In real society, various contradictions and conflicts caused by various reasons such as economy, trade , culture and religous beliefs emerge constantly. Even during this age of the informationisation, mankind is highlight likely to regress into the religious wars of the medieval era. In order to get rid of such anxiety, we must return to the inter-subjectively of culture to constructs a form of cultural identity that allow for a dynamics process of occurrence and development. Only in this way can human society eliminate all kinds of cultural prejudices and religious narrow mindfulness, breaking down the closed borders and while moving towards a freer, more open state of consciousness. This is a true culture and even more so of art. Therefore, in Wu Zhi Peng’s recent works, in order to express his idea more freely, his works are no longer confined to the narrow classifications of esel art or non esel art. Everything is based on the accurate transmission of ideas, grasping the basic of difference connotations, and completing the final constructions of works throughout the dynamics process of productions.

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