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For the traditional Kai new wind

In the late 70s of last century, the college entrance examination has just resumed, he entered the Xiamen University of Arts and Crafts, Fuzhou, learning systematically completed painting techniques, creative models, theoretical research and other aspects of learning, laid a solid foundation for painting, creating such as ” “” Sea prisoners “and a series of realistic oil paintings.

In the early 1980s, the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the cultural changes brought about by the Western culture and cultural shock, providing a large number of cultural contact and exchange opportunities in the cultural constant collision, he eagerly absorb foreign new ideas , The new expression, he rarely used good realism painting creation, extensive use of new materials and tools, pay attention to the expression of emotion, emphasizing the subconscious nature, to create a “childhood dream” series of works, and Organization and participation in the art of touching style was challenging “Xiamen five exhibition.”

Chinese expression
In the 80s, he moved to Australia, he had close contact with a large number of Western art masterpiece. In the environment far away from the local culture, the nature of his new artistic thinking and pursuit changed, he began to use the diversity of Western modern art in the form of artistic intent, combined with expressionism and Chinese painting art commonality, in close connection with personal feelings and works form, pay attention to emotional expression and rendering mood, creating a Chinese expression of the charm of the “Dunhuang impression” series of works. In 1996, the work was sponsored by the Queensland Ministry of Culture and sponsored by the “Impression of Dunhuang – Wu Zhipeng Art Exhibition” in the Brisbane Museum of Art exhibition, vice governor and culture minister Xiao Dejuan (Joan Sheldon) in the preamble of his exhibition Wrote: “The young Chinese artists in their artistic creation, the East and West culture tightly integrated into one. Enjoy their work, you will be deeply fascinated by its artistic charm, food for thought.” Afterwards, the exhibition was exhibited in Taiwan at the invitation of Jiang Xun, a famous Taiwanese art critic.

Return to the origin of self
He has never lost in the trend of contemporary art, always keep the inner depth of freedom, and strive to seek the art of self. Although the old saying “I use my method” has its own arguments, its connotation is used to describe the recent works of Wu Zhipeng “Passing”, “meet” “view” series works seems quite appropriate. His work respects the inner, inner feelings of shape shape, allowing viewers to resonate and interact. Russell Storer, curator of the Asia Pacific Triennial of the Queensland Museum of Modern Art, said: “In his art form, he uses the freedom and tightness of his work to sublimate art to new realms, and to give new meaning to traditional techniques. In the works, through their own subjective emotional expression, showing the fusion of different cultures and emotional expression, and thus create a new creative road “seriously perception of tradition and contemporary, the East and the West, based on the present, His artistic pursuit, as he recently returned to the shelves on display, installation series works.

From inheriting the tradition to reform and innovation, from advocating westernization to comprehending the rich accumulation of local culture, from copying to imitating to returning to self, from external manifestation to internal revealing, as Wu Zhipeng said: “My work is not traditional, placed in contemporary art A little inflow and not return, but it is their own. ” Queensland Ministry of Culture has awarded him the “cultural champion” award, can confirm his dedication to the pursuit of art and achieved fruitful results. His sincerity and sincerity in art is the key to his work.

  • Exhibition: Wu Zhipeng ‘s Works
  • Exhibition Extension: February 29, 2016 – April 25, 2016
  • Participating Artists: Wu Zhipeng Exhibition
  • Location: Shanghai Pudong New Area, No. 869 Sakura Road, Himalayas Center 1MF card gallery
  • Organizer: Zendai Gallery
  • Co – organizer: Shanghai Himalayan Culture and Art Foundation

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